Planned Developments

Planned Development Appraisals:

Below are some of the properties we have been able to assist in valuation.

Maple Knoll Subdivision, Westfield

  • This is a 500-plus acre project in Westfield, Indiana that will contain 1,700 single and multi-family dwellings. The first phase consisted of all of the land and infrastructure. The appraisal also included the first 310 lots in the first phase of the development. The appraisal required “As is”, “As Complete” and “As Stabilized” values. The use of a DCF was also required.

Ameriplex Business Park, Indianapolis

Planned Development

  • Traynor & Associates, Inc has performed several appraisals in this
    business park over the past 5 years. The park is located adjacent to the Indianapolis International Airport.

Saxony PUD, Fishers

  • This is a planned development located in Fishers, Indiana at Exit 10. Thedevelopment includes a 250-acre tract of land that is being developed for retail, office, and industrial use. There is also an adjoining residential component.

Wolf Run Planned Development, Indianapolis, IN

  • This is 250-acre tract of land located in Franklin Township on the southeast side of Indianapolis. The property is being developed as a planned development with several different single-family residential products.

Sawmill Planned Development, Greenfield, IN

  • This is a 220-acre planned development located on the east side of Greenfield, IN. The property is being developed for residential, office and retail uses.

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